NVR CCTV 8CH Lihat Ukuran Penuh


NVR merupakan alat perekam CCTV yang khusus digunakan untuk instalasi CCTV jenis IP Camera. CCTV IP memerlukan alat perekam yang khusus karena tidak menggunakan konektor BNC dan Jack DC, melaiankan konektor RJ45 karena IP Camera diinstalasikan menggunakan kabel UTP. Lengkapi instalasi CCTV IP Anda dengan NVR sebagai media perekamnya!

Lebih detail

Spesifikasi NVR 8CH

  1. NVR (8*1080P)
  2. 2PCS HDD(MAX 3TB)

Feature :

  • Step on the Internet:Can penetrate through all kinds of network via MHK cloud service, to do remote control easily & conveniently withoutany complicated setting.
  • Compression algorithm ideal:Compression algorithm upgraded to H.264 Main Profile,the advanced space-time filter technique makes thecode stream lowered at least 30%.
  • Main and Sub Stream:Support main stream and extra steam encode synchronously. Main stream is for local storage to maintain the imagequality, extra stream is for network real-time transmission, to easily solve the bottleneck problem of bandwidth.
  • Mobile monitor: Support all kinds of mobile monitor(iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, Android)
  • Display:Support、VGA & HDMI output synchronously, make the traditional monitor display effect upside down
  • Operation interface:similar WINDOWS operating style,powerful right button menu function of mouse, make it easy for using.
  • Network:Powerful net service(support PPPOE、DDNS、EMAIL、RTSP, etc),complete enclosure(WEB、CMS、SDK),to easilyachieve interconnection.
  • Browsers:Support multi-browser(IE、Chrome、Firefox、Safari)
  • Remote Access:Self enclosed with DNS function (ARSP),one-key to enable remote control, and support DNS of 3322、dyndns、oray、myq-see,etc
  • Device port:Device port:support 2 SATA port,2 HDD of 4T ,2 USB2.0 port for operation of mouse control, back up, burning and upgrade;
  • Differentiation: change boot screen freely, support more than 20 kinds of languages, more than 10 kinds of GUI interface, ten kinds of remotecontroller, dozens of front panel board for selection, to make different products.
  • Others:Completed protective circuit, unique treble watchdog function, make device never crashed; special “black-box” technology to monitorthe device process, greatly reduce the maintenance cost.



  • Model NVR-8CH-2HDD
  • System Main processor
  • Technical grade embedded microprocessor HI 3520D
  • Operating system Embedded LINUX operating system
  • System resource Multi-channel real-time recording synchronously, multi-channel real-timeplayback, multi-channel multi-user network operation, USB back up.Interface
  • Operation interface 16bit real color GUI interface support mouse operation
  • Display screen 1/4 screen (take analog channel as an example, other is base on the selectedchannel mode)
  • Video Video standard PAL(625 lines,50fps);NTSC(525 lines,60fps)
  • Image encode H.264 (High Profile)
  • Monitor quality VGA,
  • HDMI:High definition(support 1920*10801280*720,1440*900,1280*1024, 1024*768、800*600
  • Playback quality 1080P Encode capability 8ch 1080P real-time
  • Decode capability 1*1080P real-time
  • Motion detection Each channel can set 192(16*12)detection area;can set multi-level offlexibility (for local analog channel only)
  • Audio Audio compression N/A

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